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8 Tips for Success Now!      


                            Tip 1—Flexible Awareness                             Tip 5—Persistent Collaboration
                                  Tip 2—Passionate Focus                     Tip 6—Actionable Queues
                                Tip 3—Smart Recovery                            Tip 7—Discerning Priorities
                         Tip 4—Constructive Talk                                     Tip 8—Voluntary Assignments

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About Tips for Effective Synchronized Tasking and Productive Time Management

"Our Best Foot First approach asserts that developing rewarding and constructive tasks contributes more to habits of success than any other formal technique for time or task management. When you genuinely want to accomplish the set of tasks you've acquired in your professional and personal life, you end up doing them much more effectively."

Don't let time run you down—instead, run with your time—as your Total Integrity Managed Effectively. Use the 8 Tips as a guide to becoming incredibly productive and to enjoying more of what you do every day!  "Click-a-Tip" above or view all by clicking here . . .

"Use Best Foot First's 8 Tips to make success your habit every day!"

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What is Synchronized Tasking and how is it different than Multi-Tasking?


"As you develop your familiarity and expertise with the tasks you have—including the time/focus each task requires—your speed and your affectiveness to complete your 'to-do' list improves over time. Effective synchronized tasking demands that you understand and learn from past experiences. Always seek to improve a process. The cyclical, structured, and hierarchical aspects of your tasks should become predictable over time. If you know a set of tasks cycle through the day at certain times, shift your schedule to accommodate them instead of leaving for lunch or going home just because that's when your 'time' is up. Let your work dictate your schedule rather than letting your schedule dictate your work.

Respond to time with your Total Integrity Managed Effectively. Do not let your time be a limiting factor to blame. Time does not change—your perception of time changes based on your attention and understanding of the tasks you have.

Continuously improve ways to do whatever's on your list as you strive to execute them at a comfortable pace. Using a strategy of background and foreground 'parallel' processing—instead of multi-tasking, you can become incredibly productive without being scattered. Do not fall into the frantic strategy of juggling too much at once and ending up being less productive than if you would have done each task separately, one after another. A savvy 'Synchronized Tasker' does not have the ability to do more at once, but rather the ability to handle more tasks 'almost' simultaneously in a more time efficient and effective fashion—each done with the focus required when in the forefront and the required detachment when in the background."

By using our Best Foot First, "Tips for Effective Synchronized Tasking and Productive Time Management," you can make success your habit every day!

Best Foot First's 8 Tips™ were written and developed by Patrick T Campbell of Best Foot First and inspired by the incredibly awesome opportunities to test and validate their effectiveness as an employee of OPNET Technologies, Inc.—one of the best-run, most-profitable companies ever to hit the planet! . . . and just recently bought by Riverbed last year for lots of money! . . . Ok, let's just say it—1 billion dollars!!!