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Tip 1—Flexible Awareness

While working on any task, include options to accomplish other important professional or personal objectives that do not interfere with your focus on the primary task . . .

“When you are a few minutes early to a meeting—drop in on a colleague’s office on the way—and do a 3-minute sync on another project. On the way to and from work, do chores that can typically pile up on the weekends. Spend your lunch break at the hardware store or ordering tickets to a game. Figure out ways to re-use the information you acquire during the day. If someone told a good joke, tell it at another meeting to spread the goodwill. If the information affects the outcome of what you have planned, be flexible enough to shift whatever it is that you're doing—saving time instead of waiting for a slower process to unfold. If the servers are down, start writing that proposal you've been putting off.”