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Tip 5—Persistent Collaboration

Do not ignore conflict with others who care as much as you do about anything you both work on—instead, go “head-to-head” until the issue is resolved . . .

“Do not spend time trying to prove how right you are. Instead, validate and add to the approaches of others who care as much as you do, rather than getting in each other’s way. As your approaches differ with others, try to get to the core of what they assume about your approaches and what you assume about their approaches. For example, always repeat back to them your understandings of their approaches and ask for more clarification. You will often find that that there is more information that you were not aware of while being entrenched in your own approach. They might gain from knowing how you perceive what they are doing. Keep in mind that their perception of your approach should not be forced—you do not need to be heard, they do. Make sure you are genuine in improving whatever it is that you both work on together.”