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Tip 6—Actionable Queues

Nudge each of your highest priority projects along by having them in “actionable queues” at all times—try to hit “a home run” on a project when the field clears . . .

“Have all of your projects available to work on by having a folder structure, quick links, or spreadsheets available and/or open so you can scan and start and stop any project you have at any time without having to 'ramp up.' Leave partial projects open and available rather than opening and closing them every time you need to work on them. Instead of throwing your hands up in the air when something does not go as expected such as a power outage or a cancelled meeting, quickly dive into one of your actionable items. In some cases, you might end up with the necessary time you need to focus on an extended project—which is when you can often hit the ball out of the park!”